Bunker's Buddies

In the words of Justin...
As many of you know one of my best friends, Shane P. Morgan was in a motorcycle accident Oct. 3, 2020. After 5 surgeries, a long fight of physical therapy, and losing employment this month - he faces two more surgeries and is in a position that his family needs help.
The backstory
On Oct 3, 2020, the B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) group I am so proud to be a member and officer of, hosted a pool tournament/benefit ride at the VFW in Lebanon. After it ended, some of the gang wanted to roll over to the waffle house to unwind and celebrate our success. I stayed back to close up shop, finish my remaining treasurer duties - but of course told them that I would be right over, get me a chocolate milk. Once I was done, I slapped the leathers on and hit the open road with my newly souped up 105 HP/113TQ dream machine. I was so proud of my freshly dyna tuned bike and couldn’t believe the difference!
I was cruising down Hwy 5, took a left on Washington to avoid the stop lights on Jefferson – I mean I was already late! Of course I miss the right turn on Elm, and I spit out in front of the Library. No biggie, I can backtrack pretty easily. As I come into the right corner, I slow down because the nearest light changes red. My dream machine had cold tires from sitting at the event and the rear locks up. This puts me in a slide through the median and across the left lane. As I hit the curb the bike pins my left knee and it is dislocated. I call for help, and lay on the ground thinking “holy shit that hurt, but I am glad I am alright”. The EMT’s respond, put my leg in a splint and rush me to Mercy, who unfortunately had no beds that evening. We then went to Lake Regional, who responded this is more serious than we are equipped - “you need to hit MU hospital in Columbia”! Unfortunately during this process, I am unaware that my leg artery was restricted and blood circulation was not happening below my left knee.
During that “ride” I developed a condition called compartment syndrome, which led to four Fasciotomy’s. Basically, my leg was filleted open like a beef loin and 36 inches of artery was removed from my right leg to reconstruct and bypass damage in my left. At that time, an external fixator was installed to support a floating knee. After weeks with that and two wound vac’s servicing three open wounds, skin grafts from my upper inner right thy were used to patch the wounds (more surgeries). Once the wounds healed, a knee reattachment surgery was performed and months of physical therapy began. I hoped for a 75-80% recovery, but unfortunately in August was told, almost one year after the fact, the muscle memory was gone and I had hit my peak which was far below my goal.
The present
Disappointed with my results and unable to work – the option I now face is to endure two future surgeries to perform a knee replacement. It is the most probable path to regain independence and the ability to get back on my feet so that I can work and support my family and others like I always have worked hard to do. Unfortunately my personal situation has been stressed, and for the first time ever I need to ask for support to float this challenging time.
The future
My dream is that the support will afford me the opportunity to resume life as it was before one day. My biggest dream is to walk my daughter down the aisle and dance with her at her wedding without assistance. Furthermore, I would like to regain the ability to be in a position to serve others and offer others help as I have always done before.